SwiftFusion Portable Adjustable Metal Computer Stand Suitable for Laptop (Gray)


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Here are five things about metal computer stands:

1. Function and use: Aluminum alloy computer bracket is a kind of metal frame used to support and bear computer equipment. It provides a solid support platform for the proper placement of computer devices such as laptops or desktops and provides a comfortable working environment.

2. Design and structure: Metal computer bracket is made of aluminum alloy material. It usually consists of a frame, base, and support section. The frame provides a stable support structure. The base is used to hold the computer equipment. The support section can be adjusted in height and Angle as needed to meet the user’s working needs and comfort.

3. Height and Angle adjustment: Metal computer brackets usually have adjustable height and Angle functions. Users can adjust the height and Angle of the support according to their personal preferences and work needs, so as to obtain a suitable vision and working posture, reducing neck, back and eye fatigue.

4. Heat dissipation and ventilation: the open design and metal material of the metal computer bracket help heat dissipation and ventilation. It provides a channel for air circulation to help dissipate the heat generated by computer equipment, and reduces the risk of overheating, improving the performance and life of the equipment.

5. Organize and organize your space: Metal computer stands can also help organize and organize your workspace. By placing computer equipment on a stand, you can effectively save desktop space and make the work area cleaner and more organized.

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Storage size: 230*45*19mm

Expansion size: 230*165) 65-135mm

Dimensions 230 × 45 × 19 mm
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